using HUD button onclicked event to reset camera position and rotation


I’m fairly new to UE.
What I have working is a HUD popping up when pressing enter. This HUD has a ‘reset camera’ button.
I created the ‘onclicked’ event, but I’m not sure how to get this click into the blueprint that resets the camera position/rotation.
I made an event dispatcher called buttontrue, and connected a call buttontrue to the onclicked.
In the level blueprint, when I click the HUD, I can add the buttontrue event.

I have the reset sequence working now by pressing the space bar, but I would like to replace this by the buttontrue event from the HUD. Connecting the buttontrue event does not work, only the space bar input…

I watched a lot of tutorials, but almost all of them only use functions as save game / pause game / start level, the never really make the connection to another blueprint. Tutorials that do are mostly way advanced for me :slight_smile:

Maybe someone here can help me out?
Thanks in advance!