Using HOTAS with a U4 project

Hi everyone, I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, so please redirect if necessary.

I am trying to implement HOTAS support for our U4 game. How do we go about this? Our game is fully set up for controller, but we need to extend that to HOTAS.

Thanks :slight_smile:

hi swilliams if you are working with windows i am sure you can use direct input because almost all hotas are plug and play. begin research about control generic joystick with direct input, some time ago i create some plugin but right now the forum have some few on the fly, try that

HI, I found the plugin, and it installs fine and is working in plugins. Mappings in input seem to work, although when i set the mapping the names : eg T.Flight Hotas X Axis 0, they all change to Joystick_T in the input settings. Is this normal?

It all seems like it should be working, but get zero response from any of my buttons/mappings. Its like its just not picking up the joystick. Is there something I`m missing?

We made HOTAS Warthog work with Unreal by using this gamepad emulator: Probably not ideal for a shipping game though.

Thanks, That is a temporary fixed. never used that one before. But certainly helps thanks :slight_smile:

For my plug-in not working properly, this is what i mean about the mappings. When i select a mapping, it comes up as normal, but as sooon as selcted it goes to Joystick_T as in this image :


Is that normal?