using .hdr as an texture

Does anybody know if it is possible to import floating point images as an texture? An 32bit float or 16bit half float image like a hdr or openexr.
I tried importing an hdr image and the supported .float image, but I couldn’t use the hdr image in the material editor and the .float image failed to import.

For ambient cubemaps it works, just tested a HDR.

Where can I get those kind of textures?

Are you able to use those as a texture on a material?

or does somebody know how to get a 16bit texture in unreal?

As far as I know…16bit is only supported for HDRs yet. So if you want to use the same image, you have to convert it. Also, they get imported as TextureCupe automatically which makes it painfull to use them in materials…I would suggest reimporting as TGA for use in materials :wink:

I am also interested in a definitive answer to the original poster’s question. I would like to texture map my environment with HDRI OpenEXR images based on photography of a real location. These images are in linear color space and contain far more brightness information than a non-floating point format like targa can store.

Can anyone shed any light on whether this is possible in UE4?

Lol, turns out I followed you here, too (as well as the topic in the Unity forum). Unfortunately, there seems to (still) be some confusion in the community about the difference between HDRs and skymaps/lightmaps/etc. sigh At any rate, I hope we find out a way to do that… some day. It’d be really cool to have that much color data to work with.