Using Gyroscopes Orientation to move the players character camera around

So I have a third person project, but I set the camera to be first person. I want to use gyroscope in the project to move the follow camera around by moving the phone. I didn’t find any documentation about this and I’m pretty new to unreal. I did look around ue4 answerhub, but I didn’t find any sources that fit my needs. (Unreal version: 4.19.2, for iOS)

The only source I found is this link, but it doesn’t provide much information.

If youre just meaning to do it by tilting the phone, I think the Tilt input event will be sufficient.
it provides a vector of input axes from the gyroscope.

The example in the link was more for AR. Sounds like you want it to be more like using the tilt as a joystick.

Be advised, however, that Android devices all send data to the Tilt event differently, and some don’t give any data for Yaw when the phone is in landscape orientation (that’s what I experienced on my Android device anyway when attempting the same thing)

don’t worry got it working thanks anyways

If you got it working on android in landscape, could you tell us how you did it? I have no been able to do it in my project.