Using Gravity/Tilt for mobile control input causes the camera to shake/jitter.

Currently making a scene where you can use a mobile phone to look around the scene. The issue with this is that I’m limited to how fast I can make the speed as increasing it makes the camera shake at an abnormal rate, but whilst what I have works, I want the camera to react faster and can’t do that whilst I have the shake.

I think the shake is coming from the tilt input, the multiply by -1 is to invert the movement as without it, the camera goes down when you look up and left when you look right and vice versa. The multiplication by 3 after is to increase the speed. As I’ve said, this all works and is doing what is needed, but the shake in the camera is an issue so I’m looking for a way to fix this.

I’d also just like to mention, I’m an animator and this is the first time I’ve done anything like this/worked this in depth with blueprints so I’ll try understand any responses/give as best explained answers as I possibly can.