Using grass tools

Hello guys I’m using UE4 for 1 week and its great, and im learning how to model im MAYA. My problem is that I never tried to put grass, so I’ve been searching tutorials and got this one :

In order to follow the steps, I can’t find that content in Step 2 to locate the MAT_GT_Grass , this one :

My content is this:

So… Im having problems to find that MAT_GT_Grass, Any recommendations or ideas guys? , or any idea for add a grass on surface?
Thank you, I’ll appreciate your help so much.

It might be that this content is specific to this tutorial and not publicly accessible.

What you could do is start a Project “with Startercontent” and use the grass material that comes with that.
It should be called “Mat_Grass” or similar. But its important that you have startcontent in your project.
The material shown in the picture does not come with the engine itself its basically self made.

This is part 4 of a larger tutorial. You make the material in the previous step of your link.