using github to track/prioritize issues

Does StudioWildcard prefer using the loose format of forums and IRC for tracking and prioritizing issues(bugs and enhancements) for now or would github better allow the mod community to document, follow and reference technical issues? For my 2 cents following issues and resolutions on the forum is very hit&miss and would prefer being able to track issues using github’s better tools for that. Would be easier to see/reference on github where an issue was first noted, confirmed, suggested fixes and formal fixes/updates than the forums. But maybe nobody here uses github so it would be ignored by people just using the more casual forum and IRC.

I can tell you now, that I’m sure a lot of the new people wouldn’t even touch it with a 10 foot pole. I would, and I’m sure the vets/regulars here would, so it would be of use in that manner, but I don’t think we can expect it to be the main way of reporting them.

I for one back this idea/suggestion and think it’s a good one with valid logic behind it.

  • Sinari

They created a whole forum for issues but it desperately needs moderation such that closed cases are locked (or indicated), issues reproduced but require more information or are in the works are pinned, and non bug reports moved out. An issue tracker like github or some other one may be more professional and may ease the moderation requirement but at the same time is not as user friendly.