Using Git versus Perforce

A lot of teams seem to be getting along fine with Git even though git isn’t very good at large repos.

How do people make it work? Or do teams with larger games simply not even use Git but use Perforce instead?

Our git repo suddenly became 3GB in size simply from adding a few asset packs from the market place, and our project is still in very early stages.

We have a separate cloud storage for working on the raw art assets like the maya files, photoshop files, etc… So those aren’t even part of the repo. It’s only the stuff that’s finally imported into the engine and resides under the “Assets” folder that is adding this much usage. The .uasset files, like Texture data and imported Music will probably be huge in the long run.

I saw the LFS extension is an option but I’m not 100% sure yet if we should go that route or switch over to Perforce.

Git handles binary files really poorly. You can use Git LFS to handle binary files but you will also have problems with merge conflicts that can’t be resolved without loosing work. Perforce and SVN uses locks to prevent this and is therefore the better choice for collaboration in Unreal.

Hmm yeah. This is what I’ve been afraid of. Looks like we’re gonna have to switch our repo to Perforce now before it’s too late.