Using Gauntlet to run a test across multiple PCs


I am having issues with running one of our Gauntlet test scripts across multiple windows machines.

So far I have succeeded in running the test script across multiple platforms and consoles besides Win64. The Xbox Series X example is as follows:

\Engine\Build\BatchFiles\RunUAT.bat RunUnreal -project= -platform=XSX -device=XSX:autotest-xsx-01,autotest-xsx-02 -configuration=development -build= -test= -numclients=2

However if I adapt this command line to run it on Windows as below, instead of deploying and launching the game on each of the specified windows machines, Gauntlet will launch multiple instances of the game on the same machine.

\Engine\Build\BatchFiles\RunUAT.bat RunUnreal -project= -platform=Win64 -device=Win64:MICHAEL_WEBB,CA-Q-91115 -configuration=development -build= -test= -numclients=2

I’d appreciate any help with getting this to deploy and run on multiple windows machines.

Many thanks,

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Greetings! May you explain a little bit more the device connection process. Are they suppose to be connected to the single local network or… is there any additional things that we have to configure in order to see the necessary device in the device manager? Will be really greatful for any answer, because I haven’t find any documentation about this topic. Thank you.