Using GameMode BP to Disable Input on Controller (Character BP)

Hey all,

I feel like this is a n00b question… but I am a n00b, so I guess that’s okay? ¯_(ツ)_/¯ haha

I have a timer in the GameMode BP, which when it reaches 0 I want to send a signal to the Character BP - the one that controls the player movement, to disable input.

I know how to do this using Event Tick in the Character BP, but it seems like this is a much better way to do this. (correct me if I’m wrong)

Appreciate any help!



Hi shm0,

you can use this:
[disable input]

or this:

[disable movement, inputs are enabled]

Thanks Diat Funa!! :slight_smile:

I tried that before but it wasn’t working - but I figured out why, I’m using 2 player split screen, and I was controlling the 2nd player (and this was only disabling the first player’s input - so I thought it wasn’t working)

My issue now is how do I get this to disable both players controllers? I have a PlayerIndexCache setup for each controller - but I’m not sure how to disable both controllers…

Getting stuck here… obviously not doing it right - is there a way to do it in one line?


If you have only 2 players, try this (0 and 1 are the default values):


Anyway, a recent thread for you: :smiley:

Much appreciated!