Using functions and properties accessed just on clients except the listen server

hey, i want to make a game where the listen server(the only client that contains the server) has not the same functions like the other clients. How to make a function like that

I miss that you were talking about CPP at first, but if I understand you correctly this will help: How to determine which Engine Instance Has Authority?
Only the server will have “Authority” so you can check for that in your functions.

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I used this code in begin play and the game crashes… Why? Without GetNetMode() and the %s it prints when game starts
UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT("GetNetMode: %s "), GetNetMode())

It doesn’t return a string it returns an enum:

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I can´t find in the web a simple way to play a string in log that was an enum like this example

it´s so complicated. i understand nothing whats happening but i trying work through it ty