Using full 3D character for an fps. Good or bad? Possible or bad idea?

I am wanting to create a bit of a FPS exploration game which involves playing in mainly first person but potentially 3rd person as well. However I was wondering if it would be possible to use the exact same model that you would see in 3rd person as the first person model as well, allowing you to see the characters feet and arms etc.

I have been told that ideally you would want to use separate models for these two situations but is it possible to just use one?

Just a query.

Another question I have which is completely different but here goes.

Is it possible to create a rock material made up of 2 different materials. 1 normal rock texture and 1 rock edge texture and have the material dynamically adjust to the surface of the mesh it is applied to? What I mean bu by this is that if I apply the material to any object it works out where there are cavities and edges and applied a different material to it?

Cheers guys! Much appreciated!

actually it depends on the style of you game take a look at that’s a 3rd person fps and it’s one of the most beautiful and waited games in the E3 and personally i prefer that to battlfield for example

It is possible yes. You just have to move the cam in front of the Head. Doable… But… you have to adjust the Textures for the Arms/Hands and so on, to make it look good. Normally you use like 1024x1024 for a whole Model in 3rd Person. In 1st Person you also use 1024x1024, but you just have hands and Arms, what results in better UV Maps (bigger, better resolution of the Arms and Hands) … I would do one Model, simply cut the Arms off, retexture them for better resolution in 1st Person, and switch between the Models when changing the Cam Mode…


ah ok , if i understand yu want a game where you switch between 1st and 3rd person camera ? if it’s the cas you have 2 choice make a higher resolution 2k for example or you can use lod (level of details ) so like that the more closer you get to a part of your character the more higher the resolution would be

It all depends on the game you are trying to make but you could very well use the third person template and change the camera position when a key is pressed, you would have to tweak a few values to get a good resault but the advantage of this would be the fact that you won’t have shadow nor reflection problems or have to draw a diferent model for multiplayer clients. But i guess this method has a few cons i’m not aware of.

There are 3 or 4 tutorials on the wiki and youtube about camera positioning in BP and C++

As for material i’m pretty sure it’s possible but looks kind of complex and out of my poor knowledge.

Yeah I will have to have a play around with this once I get my Character Prototype finished and animated. Its just for some situations first person will be idea for the game but not necessary. But I don’t want to have to create a whole new model when I could just make a high quality model and use it for both situations. :slight_smile:

what if the head bobs too much becoz of the animation? how to solve the problem?

I have a socket on the head bone, moved it out in front of the face… I attach my camera boom (spring arm) to that, but only because I was having a hard time dragging the boom to where I wanted it (it was flying all over the place instead of following the mouse, no idea why… but you could also just set the location directly with the number entry boxes if you didn’t want to mess around with a socket). I attach the spring arm to the socket in the BP construction graph…

I set a “zoom step” value, how much to move with each mousewheelup and mousewheeldown… each move of the wheel, check to see if you’re close enough to “jump” to the 1st person view (boom length 0) … or if the mousewheel is moving down, the first jump back is to 30 or 40 or so (for the boom length), so you’re behind the head… it avoids having the camera pass through the model. Each mousewheel move increases or decreases the size of the boom by the “step value”… pretty straight forward BP nodes for it all.

I think part of the point of the spring arm is to avoid animation bounce? I’m not sure, I’d have to check, but I don’t think I get any bobbing from my camera. If nothing else, just attach the socket to something that doesn’t bob and drag it up in front of the face, or just set the spring arm location to whatever, based on the character skel/mesh (the bobbing shouldn’t effect that either, since it wouldn’t be attached to anything moving).

I haven’t gotten far enough to texture the arms (or any of the model, really), but it seems reasonable to have a 1k texture just for the arms and another 1k for the rest of the body (for 3rd person and other players in multi-player). Though, without seeing the differences, I’m not sure if that is even needed.