Using first person camera to see the player character

I was wondering if it was possible to have a camera as though it were the characters eyes? For example, when the player looks down they see the characters legs, or when they run, they see the arms of the character moving.

(sorry if this is in the wrong place)

Just use the 3rd person bp template + move the camera to the head + enable “use yaw rotation…” (in the default properties) :smiley:

That would be “True FPS Mode”, I have seen a couple tutorials, but basically to do this you would want to start with the third person template, go into the MyCharacter blueprint components and delete the "CameraBoom"component.

Then move the camera so it lines up perfectly with the actual character, similar to this screenshot I found:


You will also need to modify the controls so the character moves correctly with the camera, but that is the basic setup.

Here is a tutorial that goes a bit further with this, it is for Oculus but the basic idea is the same. :slight_smile:

I didn’t think to enable yaw rotation. Thanks.

Here is what I did, it works pretty well

  • Make the Camera a child of the Mesh
  • In the camera details use the search button for sockets and select the ‘head’ socket
  • Enable “Use Pawn Control Rotation”
  • Move the camera 10 forward on the Y axis
  • Rotate the camera X= -90 Y=0 Z= 90


Compile + save the blueprint, and hit play, everything works. :smiley:

I tried the examples above and they worked for the template character but when I change it to the Mixamo characters this happens.

Just move the camera a little bit forward :slight_smile:

I’ve tried that but nothing changes. The camera also seems to move back when the character moves forward (you see the back of their head).

This is the reason I attached the camera to the characters ‘Head’ socket shown above, this way no matter what the animation is doing, the camera will move along with the head. If the camera is just sitting in position any actions the character performs will not adjust the camera movement accordingly.

Have you tried creating a new socket using the same bone as the current ‘Head’ socket but offset to be further forward?

Otherwise, Epic, it would be great if you could supply the Blue Man with no head on the Market Place for free. This seems to be a common issue on these forums for people who don’t have the ability to remove the head from the mesh itself when making their own 3D titles.

Having the head is not bad really. You can see an example of this with a Mixamo character here:

I also setup the anim BP so that the head bone follows the camera rotation. It can get even better if you set up an IK system for the head and somehow clamp the camera rotation so that the head doesnt turn 180 degrees. I think DotCam’s link has solution for those though.