Using external shader files(.ush/.usf) and getting the most of the custom node

I was learning about how to use the custom node and decided to make a post about it. This is basically a tutorial about the posibilities of the custom node and how to use external shader files in 4.21+, hope this helps anyone! If anyone know more tips or doubts feel free to post them ^^

I am definitely interested. I had been wondering how to work with this for a minute now. Does this require C++ to work or can it be done in blueprints alone?

It doesnt need any c++ as long as you dont use an external usf/ush file. You dont need them if you organize well the custom node code, its just easier somethimes to use an external shader file.

Yeah that was what I thought. Most of the stuff I would do is probably light enough to fit inside a custom node without trouble. This is much better if you want to re-use the shader code again later for sure.

Hey guys, thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts on custom shader development. We found that including custom shader source in plugins has a lot of benefits. Thought I might share our setup here. You can read about it in this blog post.

Edit: In our second post about the matter, we describe how to modularize your code.

That actually looks very usefull, using a plugin is the perfect way to move custom code between projects. Thank you very much!!

Happy you found this article useful. Feel free to reach out, if you think there is something we could improve or add. Cheers!