Using external files to store dialogs

My dialog system is using some functions where the dialogs are stored, with their asociated soundcues/wavs and actions. In that way it’s easy to define behaviors, events. etc.

But the bad thing is that I have to recompile every time, restart the game, etc.

I have thinking about using an array so the dialogs can be edited in the editor without recompile or restart the engine. But to edit arrays in an actor, there are no way to sort the dialogs or do a find. So with 2000 or 3000 dialogs it can be a headache. Also I never tried to manage an array of more of 20 or 30 items in the editor.

Using saveconfig is not a good option because I need some diferent files for each language.

And basicsaveobj result in a file that is dificult to edit (don’t tested yet).

I don’t know more ways to manage files, there are some other?