Using example plugins

I read the documentation about Plugins,

but i can’t still seem to get them to work.

I downloaded the examples and extracted those to a Plugins/Developer folder under my project’s folder.

How does the code for the plugins get built? the examples only come with source files (headers/cpp).

Does UBT build the code for the plugins? or should i do it myself ?

Dear Lior,

#Plugins Dir
To get plugins to work, you must download them and extract them to this folder structure


So the folder “Plugins” is in the same directory as your .uasset.

Please note the spelling must be exact!

#In the Editor
Then you go in the editor


and check off which ones you want to activate :slight_smile:

#Writing Your Own
If you are writing your own plugin,

it gets compiled along with the rest of your source code

#Plugin C++ Source Example

I have a plugin with an additional editor mode and 35 additional Blueprint nodes here

I have included my entire source code in the download!-Float-as-Str-w-Precision-Ragdoll-Traces

Does this mean my project has to be a “code” project? (i.e: with c++ code?) For example i tried to create a BP project and add a Plugins folder to it, but that didn’t work.

The problem was the example plugins come as source only, with no compiled modules output. Can i build them manually or only the UBT should build those?

you dont build plugins to use them, the advantage of a plugin is that the end user does not need to recompile it

just make sure your directory structure is setup and follow the steps in my answer and you should be able to load plugins just fine

to make plugins yes you need a source code project

I am referring specifically to the plugin examples that are given as a basis to develop new plugins (UObjectPlugin and BlankExample). Both come with no binaries and should be built somehow…

yes the plugin gets built by the normal VS2012 setup, along with your main project

so yes, you need a code-based project to develop plugins

See my link above, I’ve provided you and the whole community with an example plugin that

-provides a blueprint node library

-shows you how to make your own editor modes

-shows you all the code required for a plugin!-Float-as-Str-w-Precision-Ragdoll-Traces


Thanks. Worth adding that to the docs maybe

I agree, this and most/all of Ramas work should be added to the docs.

, You are forever my hero.

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“To get plugins to work, you must download them and extract them to this folder structure” … Download from where?

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This is an archived post from pre-release. I am closing this thread as outdated. All plugins you have available currently should be found under the Windows>Plugins label. Have a great day!