using events and variables from character on another bp

hi , I have a timer bp for underwater that kills character when it runs down.It is set up with actor begin overlap , and actor end overlap so I can put it on the water. since I use a player get damage event in the character and player health variable in the character , much of the timer logic is set on the character. only the widget to display is cast on the timer bp. Is there a way I can set all the logic on the timer bp to lower the characters health and kill the character at zero? i’m trying to get the logic off the character so I can put out multiple timer bp’s set at different time lengths, by having the breath variable public, Also the way it is now , the character will die after the set amount of time after entering the water , but the timer will not display if I don’t have the timer bp on the water also… Seems like the timer bp doesn’t recognize player get damage events or players health variables when I put them in the timer bp.

From the overlap event, do a cast to the playerBP from other actor. And from the cast you can get and set variables for the player/character