Using Epic/UE logo for user groups?

If I wanted to start a user group in my area related to the Unreal Engine, is there any limitations I should consider when creating a web page for it.

I saw this answer regarding a youtube channel and the answer stated that you needed to state that you are not a representative of unreal/epic and not a source of official content:

Is that all that needs to be done in regards to a local user group as well?

You’re certainly welcome to create a local user group. Epic’s fan website policy is described here.

Awesome, thanks.

Hey Fuzzy Llama, just in case you need print-ready files and the like, this resource is now available:

Forgive me, but I cannot seem to see what you are referencing? It is just a list of released project on the forum. Is there a specific one I should look at?

Ugh, wrong link. Too much multitasking.

This is is, I swear!