Using "Enhanced Input" for Pawns in a Blueprint Build

I am using the “Enhanced Input” plugin for an RTS style game that I’m building while continuing to learn UE5. I’ve used this plugin for a 3P game tutorial recently, and liked it more than the normal input mapping system.

However, for this RTS game I am not using a player character actor, I am using a possessed “Pawn” to handle my camera, and am trying to capture keyboard input to move the pawn around.

I’ve ensured that the “Input” settings for the project use the plugin. I’ve ensured the IAs and mapping context are set up correctly, and then read through the documentation.

To make your Pawn class respond to a triggered Input Action, you must bind it to the appropriate type of Trigger Event in SetupPlayerInputComponent .

I am using the “IA Action Event” node in my Controller BP, and ensured the pawn is possessed and that the controller is connected correctly, but the input events never fire.

Is there something additional I need to be doing, given this is a pawn instead of an actor? My googling skills are failing me - I apologize in advance if this has been asked and answered elsewhere. I’ve only found C++ answers so far.

Controller Blueprint Event Graph

Project Input Settings

Input Action Values

Input Action Mapping Context

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I have been having a similar issue. For some reason, even when I try adding controls to even character classes, it acts like it is not detecting any inputs. I am not sure what the issue is and am starting to think it is a bug with the engine.