Using Emissive Lights in a Blueprint?

I followed that guide, along with another one I googled here:

to learn about the consolevariables.ini file, and was able to get the material based lights in my static-mesh/blueprints to glow.

However the source light is one I have set as a sun, so its got a nice timeline connected to its rotation, and if its moving the material based lights in my scene flicker.

I also have a second light for the moon with a stationary position (because I am lazy), but it is very dim in the day, and slightly dim at night. When I tell that light to Affect Dynamic Indirect Lighting, it did not seem to work as if the intensity of the sun overrides its values.

What is very weird though is when I did a test that limited the rotation to only happen on keypress (it still calculates rotation in the background, but on keypress does a single update to the new location), and the flickering stopped, but how bright my emmisive materials were was randomized. Some keypresses it was bright, other times dark, but after I press it would maintain that brightness and I could move the camera around and nothing would change.

At this point I have to decide if I want to continue down this path, or try to find a way to bring the emmisive materials out of the blueprint and work on ways to ‘snap’ them into position reliably. (And more to prepare for is as I try to get destructive environments, how I can destroy both the light and the blueprint’s static mesh cleanly)

I am going to tinker with this a little more tonight, maybe start with a clean project to try and remove any other variable. The only thing stopping me from Accepting the answer so-far is the flickering. (Which could just be some rendering setting for how long it tries to calculate dynamic lights before giving up)