Using "Edit Splines" tool with World Composition?

Can anyone best direct me on how to go about using the Landscape “Edit Splines” tool with World Composition enabled? For example, I have this set-up below:

I added the spline above but it’s NOT clear to me WHICH level this spline is associated with. Is it associated with my **CURRENT **level (Landscape_x00_y-02) or is it associated with the landscape tile it’s attached to (Landscape_x00_y00)?

In my mind, it SHOULD be attached to my CURRENT level because that’s the level I had current when I added this spline. HOWEVER, it SEEMS as though it’s added to **Landscape_x00_y00 **instead. I “know” this because when I hide out each of those respective levels, the spline disappears only when I hide out that central landscape tile…NOT when I hide my CURRENT landscape tile.

Things get really weird if I select my spline (as seen in the screenshot above) and click the “Move to Current Level” button in the details panel. In doing this, I THINK I’m now associating this spline with my **CURRENT **level (Landscape_x00_y-02). However, when I do this and then attempt to MOVE a Control Point of my spline, I get odd results like this where my old track stays in place but my new track layout is present as well:

Long story short, I’m really unsure as to best practices when trying to use the spline tool in World Composition…Trying out the Landscape Layer System in 4.23 seemed really unstable as well.

Well, the spline will paint on the landscape with a material for you. If you set stuff up right to do so. This essentially adjusts terrain and colors in the path of the spline, which will then automatically work with the landscape tile no matter what.
(Ergo having just 1 spline in the landscape assigned to persistent level will help generate the Overall).

That said, I need to switch from an 8k map to 8 1k tiles, so I’ll be testing this out shortly. I’ll let you know what I find works best :wink: