Using Digital Ocean cloud service to host my PerForce server

*My dev team is spread across three continents.

  • I am thinking of setting up a PerForce server using Digital Ocean to coordinate the code and art assets development.

  • Must I have an Unix machine to host the PerForce server on Digital Ocean? All I have are Win7 PCs.

*Could could someone give me some tips on the whole process? After I get a Digital Ocean account, what next?

*Do I install the PerForce server on my development PC and point it to the IP address given to me by Digital Ocean?

*Can the PerForce server and the client apps reside on the same development PC? I read somewhere that this is a bad idea.

*How do I give restricted access to my PerForce workspaces to the geographically distinct development teams?

Thanks in advance for any answers.