Using destructible meshes for landscape layers/automaterial?

im still newbish, so excuse me if this is a stupid question. everywhere ive read/watched pretty well indicates that you cannot apply interactive meshes to landscape/foliage (spawning from procedural foliage tool/automaterial). essentially im trying to apply a destructible mesh to all my procedurally spawned foliage and pretty much anything else. i tried just directly applying a destructive mesh to a copy of a static mesh which works fine until i attempt to add it to my array in my automaterial which, im sure most anyone reading this probably already knew, didnt work lol couldnt even enable collision. so i know its possible but im just at a dead end on resources for learning how to accomplish this. im working via 4.25 and 4.26 in both pixel and voxel based projects so info regarding either is helpful and more than appreciated

to sum it up, how do i apply destructible meshes to procedural layers/automaterial? TYIA :smiley: