using Dell PowerEdge R630 for game development without dedicated gfx card

So, my laptop is trash (sucks I paid 1200 dollars for it) it constantly overheats, I tried trading it over the course of the warranty but Toshiba is trash and the geek squad was too(sorry). Anyway, that’s neither here or there.

I have a Dell PowerEdge R630 with 256 gigs of ram that I got from work on a donation (we get new equipment every other year or so. That being said, it doesn’t have a graphics card (nor do I have money for one right now , I have a kid on the way). I use TeamViewer to remote into the server for some home lab stuff I run now. Do I need a gfx card for unreal engine? I am getting mixed responses when searching.

Thank you.

The server has 256 gigs of ram. Duel Xeon E5-2637 v3 CPU