Using delegates as function parameters

From the Blueprint Node CreateEvent I receive a Delegate object as output parameter. Now I want to use that delegate as parameter for custom function. However, when defining the paramters for that function, I am not able to select Delegate as parameter type.

How can I use a previously created Delegate object as parameter for a Blueprint function?

You cannot use delegates as function parameters, as delegates are not valid variable types as inputs. However, you can use delegates as inputs to a macro by using the wildcard variable.

Thanks for your quick reply. So you’re right, Macros would work here. Unfortunately in my case Macros are not an option, since I need to bind to an event dispatcher from within the Macro/Function, using the “Bind Event to …” BP node. This node cannot be used in a Macro.

Any ideas how I could work around that problem?

Store a reference to that Object maybe? That way you can bind and unbind to its Event Delegates all you like.

Apparently I cannot do that from within a Macro :frowning:

Why are you trying to Bind to an Event within a Macro?

Store the reference as a Variable that is part of the BP then you can access its Event Delegates within that BP.

I don’t. What I am trying to do is to call the “Bind to …” BP node from within a Macro.
Which apparently is not possible.

i was able to take delegates in blueprint functions,
but oddly enough only when i created them by collapse to function,
not when i set up all inputs by hand

the delegate input param is not listed as option when i set types by hand…

You can add delegate parameter to function by dragging event pin from event dispatcher and dropping it on the function.