Using Data Tables for Animations!

Hey guys, I was wondering if someone could shed some light on how to get my character and weapon animations to play when I shoot? I’ve created a weapon enum and a data table which contains all my weapon data like meshes, sounds and anims etc but I’m unsure of where to go from there. I was also wondering if there’s a more effecient way to link character and weapon animations together that doesn’t involve creating two separate variables inside of my weapon enum for my data table to store them in? I basically want my character’s arms to flinch and my weapon’s slider to slide back as it’s being fired. Thnx and have a great morning, afternoon or evening ^^

In my setup these are separate processes. I use a data table to identify a PrimaryAssetID that I use to dynamically load the weapon Blueprint asset and attach it to my character.

The weapon asset has it’s own AnimBlueprint that gets loaded with it. When the player want to fire the weapon. The character asset plays it’s firing animation with flinching arms. The animation is selected based on the type of weapon. The weapon itself plays it’s own independent animation to move parts and set off any visual effects.

There are two Blueprints each with their own AnimBlueprint that work together.

Yeah, I’ve pretty much done most of that, I think? My starting weapon and character arms are components in my first person blueprint, so maybe that’s the issue? I honestly don’t know at this point. Everything seems to be working though, like even the code that tells my anims to play when I shoot is working but the anims themselves aren’t playing. I’ve created montages and loaded them into my weapon data table but ack, idk. I appreciate the reply btw ^^