Using data table .CSV to spawn visualisation

Hi everybody,

I’ve worked out this far how to bring a .CSV into Unreal and break it into a data-table.

what I would like guidance on is the best practice for doing the next part - I have this information, I want to show this information in position to X & Y (OSGB36) I understand I will need to reduce these numbers purely for the sake of UNREAL as these numbers get rather large when talking about real world positions.

My question is, should i set up an actor blueprint for a data set called “site” this is in several locations across Britain, then another actor BP for specific data sets that will be copied tens of thousands of time based on the data inside each row in my data table.

I’m trying to wrap my head around getting the data I have imported into usable visualised data. there are several bits i guess I need to know to achieve this, the first bit is to extract line items, the second part is to place those in location relative to the x&Y,.

I guess Unreal doesn’t care it is OSGB36 units, if i start at 0,0 i just need to manipulate the scale of these numbers.

mm OK this was more of a brain dump than a coherent question, any help i would really appreciate it.


Just a bit of an update whilst playing with BP.
So I created a BP to pull the info from table into the scene, placing a basic mesh to the location based on X & Y, using a global scaling variable to control (the visual side i need to obviously look at) but for now I think the data is getting pulled correctly.

Is this the best way to do this? when i eventually run my applicaiton i want my scene pre-populated with all these data points, eventually I want to be able to select these, get additional info from these points, filter what is being displayed etc… I just would hate to get down the road and have to turn back! and advice would be great thank you.