Using Custom Collision Preset Prevents Spawning

Hey guys. I posted something similar to this a while back but new project. I made a video to better showcase the issue. In the project I created a custom collision preset for my player. When using the custom preset, the player will not spawn. However, if I add in a capsule and set it to the preset, the player spawns. It makes no sense. Here’s the video. I appreciate the help. Thanks!

So far I have been able to reproduce this in version 4.26. It may be a setting that I am overlooking but I can’t seem to figure out how to fix the issue. The workaround seems to be just add a capsule with the same collision preset. Not sure why that is necessary.

Found a solution though not sure why it matters. If someone knows and could shed some light as to why, that’s be great.

Anyway, in the player blueprint select the pawn and go to the pawn settings. Set auto possess player to the player controller you’re using. In this case I am using “Player 0”. Again, I don’t know why this has anything to do with collision presets but it resolved the not spawning issue. For now at least.