Using custom assets?

So Sinari and I own many different UE4 assets and we are wondering if it is possible to use custom particle effects, models, meshes, ect. ect. If it is possible how would one go about doing this, we’ve tried to upload our own but the dev kit just crashes. Any thoughts or advice to get this to work?

Are they sourced from within your mods folder?

They don’t crash the Dev Kit, they just don’t import properly 90% of the time.

That is very strange. I imported a custom mesh yesterday and it worked like a charm.

Yeah, meshes are easy thats why. We’re talking importing existing Particle Effects from later versions of NEWER Unreal Engine, etc. Which the majority of the time it won’t even recognize. About the only viable route I am seeing here to accomplish this is to make the pfx in UE 4.5.1.