Using Content from another seller to show setup for my C++ Plugin

Hi, I am currently making a C++ Mortar Gun Plugin and I wanted to ask that is it allowed to use the content I bought from a seller on Epic Marketplace like explosion audio, projectiles or even meshes(meshes from free sites) to show users the setup of the plugin on youtube video only and tell them what all the possibilities are. Since I am only a programmer, designing all the meshes from scratch will not only increase the time but also the quality of the meshes or projectiles won’t be good. The Plugin and sample project won’t include any of these assets which will be clearly mentioned in the description.

Hey Freedom911, you are not allowed to do that.
If you want some, you need to contact that creator and ask him personally.

Thank you for clearing up.

I disagree with Gutvarev’s judgement. From my point of view, all one can do with a video is to consume - so I’d argue it falls under the “consumer product” section of the license, not the “developer product” section. You need to be careful to make it clear that it’s not included in the product for false advertising reasons, and I’d include links to the products used, but I really don’t think a video will ever fall under “developer product”.
I think it’d be useful for Epic to clarify this, though, because I assume we’re all speculating here.

Thanks for the reply I also feel the same but I guess have to wait for Epic’s clarification.

There is more than one asset out there that uses other assets that are not included with the actual plugin. Usually this is highlighted by the creator but not always.

Please share a verdict here.

Hi this is the response I got from Epic

So I guess it’s allowed to use in the video. In addition to it, I have to also show the original product’s video and screenshots. Thank you, everyone and epic for their quick response :slight_smile:

Well, my apologies for mislead you.