Using Composite/Multi Textures


I’ve come across textures that (not sure what the term is) are “composited”, where, depending on the mesh that they are applied to, will express a section of that texture.

An example:

How can I control what part of the texture/material is expressed? It only seems to work correctly with the static mesh the artist supplies, but if I try to use a default static mesh, the ENTIRE texture is applied to the object.

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Hmm look like an Atlas texture, his mesh has just an adapted uv coordinate to fit part of the texture, check out the uv of his mesh.

or he has modelling tool that automate the uv coordinate with a generate uv object.



No wonder I couldn’t find information on it. I was putting all sorts of search terms. I’ll try your suggestion.

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You’re correct, by the way.

I just don’t feel like learning how to apply it myself. Maybe that’ll change, but probably not.

Ye it kinda an old method, even nvidia has removed it tool from it page: Texture Atlas Tools

Back then people were making script to generate altas texture where you select all your meshes and push into some form of grid ( like sprite / flipbook). And then another tool script from their engine to actually read that grid and apply the corect uv coord automatically.

We were only doing that to reduce draw calls for the cpu as vram wasnt really a concern by then.

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