Using Child Actor component as Object reference

Hi, I’m trying to move some logic from the level into an actor, i need the actor to own it’s objects, so i add them, and when I connect the blueprints (same as in level) - I get the error : "Child Actor Component Object Reference is not compatible with BP FBXImportManager Object Reference.
The same thing happens with my FBXCreator object, they were created in C++.
How is it possible to overcome this? the objects must be in the level?

Pull a pin out and try GetChildActor followed by CastToFBXCreator

I just tried it, and i get a warning that -
FBXCreator does not inherit from ‘Child Actor Component’ ( Cast to FBXCreator would always fail )
and it really does

Hi, i just found a solution, thanks ClockworkOcean, it gave me a clue for it

here it is: