Using camera aim to control character upper torso

Hi there. So I have been looking around for any tutorials or threads that have to do with controlling a characters skeletal mesh’s upper torso rotates using the camera aim movement. No luck so far. Does anyone know of any links to any such tutorial or thread? Has anyone successfully done this on their own? For anyone who could shed some light on such a blueprint setup I would be very appreciative…thanks!

this is called aim offset, you can find tutos on youtube and you will need aimoffset animations…

you can download the shootergame demo on the market place for free and see how it is done in there, that’s what I did.

Thanks for the info!

I literally can’t find even one tutorial for aim offset on youtube. I don’t need it atm but just saying. If you find a good one, please throw a link here. :slight_smile:

As I told, I did not follow any tutorial, just donwloaded the “Shooter Game” on the market place for free, and I looked in their animbp to see how they did handle it and reproduced it, that’s all I can tell you. I will search for a tutorial anyway, see if I get anything.

But I strongly recomand learning from exemples, when you know a project have a function you want, then download it and try to understand how they did it, you will understand what you do much better than if you just follow a step by step. here you go, as I can see on this page, the shooter game demo use an outdated way of doing this I guess, but it still work like a charm.