Using C++ for 2D, overkill?

I’m still getting to grips with Unreal, In terms of learning C++ within the engine, is it feasible to create a 2D game or is this overkill?

If the former, are there any reliable tutorials on getting started with 2D and C++?


I don’t think 2d vs 3d really determines the complexity of your project, so you are really not giving us much to base our answers upon.

I personally dislike blueprints and try not to use them for anything but connecting things on the highest abstraction level because I find it very difficult to read once they get more complex, so even if performance is not an issue, I’d avoid doing everything in blueprints. On the other hand, writing c++ code for unreal has it’s kinks, and I’m still struggling to get around them, so if you need something simple done very fast, then perhaps you should stick to blueprints.

I don’t use blueprints on anything that is very complicated. They get too messy and hard to read.

Here’s the difference:

Blueprints are very easy to setup and modify at any time, so they’re good for smaller things.
However they take a Loooooooong time to do certain tasks, since each minor thing is it’s own node.

C++ is just typing so you can create your game literally as fast as you can type. However the code needs to be compiled every time,
so it’s not worth it for small things that need many adjustments.

I would say make your game in C++ for sure, and use blueprints as well for smaller tasks, like collectable items, etc.