Using C# and Unreal Engine for Mobile Apps


We have a complex application written in C#. We’d like to front this with Unreal to provide rendering and UI, but rewriting the underlying logic in C++ is a non-starter for commercial reasons.

**We’ve already got a windows C# DLL loading dynamically into Unreal, but we’re stuck on doing the same for Android. The data being passed are simple types and strings, so we can handle managed/unmanaged code interfaces and memory ourselves. **

So, there are really two questions here:-
[li]Is is possible to create the equivalent of a DLL for Android from C# source and load them dynamically into Unreal Engine. If so: [LIST=1][/li][li]has anyone done this?[/li][li]is there an example of the C# project settings required?[/li][li]**is there an example of the C++ code to load it into Unreal? **[/li][/ol]
[li]If this is not possible, can we link statically from Unreal to C# sources, and how would we do this?[/li][/LIST]