Using buttons in UMG to change integer values.

I am attempting to figure out how to update a value in myplayer blueprint after clicking a button in my widget screen. I am trying to set up a widget that when opened, will let you select the tax rate you want to charge your population with. I have all the values and formulas, just don’t know how to update the value after selecting the tax rate button. Any thoughts on this. Been at it for 8 hours watching videos and reading forums.

Any help appreciated.Thanks!

Hi a548922,

Try this, you mention your PlayerBlueprint has your Tax System. So I suggest if you don’t already have functions created, do so in order for the UserWidget to interact with your PlayerBlueprint. Since the UserWidget has Get Owning Pawn ( assuming this is your PlayerBlueprint ) , if we purecast it to PlayerBlueprint, then bind events within UMG such as Clicks to the functions on the PlayerBlueprint such as Save. We can imagine that once a key is hit, or a submit button is hit the values are sent to the function on the PlayerBlueprint to communicate to your Tax System.