using BSP brushes or meshes to block out a level?

What do most people use during the early stages of making a level?

I use meshes personally, I do the block out in an external application.
I don’t think BSP used that much anymore, unless the level designer is really used to working with them. I could be wrong, though. Either way, you probably won’t have much BSP in your final level.

I usually do paper and pencil, then move on to quickly sculpt out a scene or scenes with BSP. Once I figured out where everything goes, I move into Maya and start fleshing out the custom meshes. Here is some help with scale:

It’s all personal preference though. Helpful tip: Keep it real basic. A car should be three cubes, a toilet two. Point lights for generally where you want some form of lighting.

Thanks. That’s what I was looking for.

I always do the basics in 3DS Max first. When I have the look I want, I’ll either delete it or start adding detail.

I use Supergrid from the marketplace for all my greyboxing. I then come in and fill the space with my modular and unique meshes. Then I remove all of the Supergrid objects, since they don’t play well with distance fields due to scaling.