Using BP_Sunposistion with missing night

So, I am currently using a Sky Sphere, Sky Atmosphere and a BP_SunPosition. The Sun position is setup with my coordinates. Is it always being fed the right time by a blueprint. However, even in the night (22:00) the sky is orange and not dark with stars. Here an example of my issue (take note of the time). It is still orange sky, it should be dark by now.

What am I missing here??

Hi, I have the same issue. I noticed the longitude and latitude is creating an issue. With the default setting everything works better(still have light evening sunset ramp at 23). However when changing the setting for Australia, Perth. So longitude 115.857048 and latitude -31.953512 with GMT 8 (for the time zone). The light get orange and don’t match the real world (I had also to do an offset of -90 to match the real world lighting).

I found an hacking way to fix it, go to your EngineSky folder, duplicate the C_Sky_Horizon Color and open the parameter and lower the brightness