Using Box Trigger and adding Text to HUD

Hey Guys - Sorry if this has been asked before.
I have 2 box triggers in my map, I have added the event OnActorBeginOverlap to them and I want to update my HUD with a string or text (which ever is easier) saying this is the green or this is the red as the player walks over them in the map.
I have the Text box in the HUD and casting to firstpersoncharacter to get the trigger but the Trigger events are in firstpersonexample map not firstpersoncharacter??

Any ideas how to solve this?



You can call a custom event from the first person character, inside your level blueprint.

Create a custom event to update the HUD that takes one parameter, which can be a text or a boolean if there are only two colors. Then, get the HUD reference and change the text it is being displayed. It’s basically the inverse logic, the trigger will handle the interaction, and not the actor.