Using Blueprints: How to get an AI to identify multiple visible actors?

I would like to imoplement the following scenario: My NPC’s can encounter a number of NPC’s and should react depending on certain variable numbers (or gametags) set for these NPCs. I have tried two approaches:
(A) Use the EQS System and use the “Actors of Class” query. Using this functionality, I can identify the visible actors of that class and chose the one closest or furthest away. However, I could not get the result of the query (the list of actors) stored in any BP of its own in such a way that I could use it again for further processing. Also, when using the “Gameplay Tag” test, I could not adjust the result (when simulating) of the query with or without the test.
(B) I added the AIPerception component to my AI and set-up the sight sense. I also added the stimuli source on the class which my AI should be looking for. When simulating, I get inconsisten results. My AI may sense one or two actors of the specified class, but if I simulate a situation where the AI was supposed to sense 3 or 4 actors of that class, itstopped at 2. I was using the “On Perception Updated” event to get an array of sensed target.

How can I get this to work using Blueprints?

Thank you for your advice?


Your best bet will be with the sight or “Get all actor with tag”, then calculate distance etc