Using Blueprints as a Team.

Hi Guys. Me and my team are quite new to the unreal engine only having used Unity before. We are developing a prototype project using blueprints in UE4 which things are going smoothly. Merging is a significant issue. While we use SVN to take care of most of the asset mergers and version control. It’s a massive pain to merge when two people add features to the same blueprint. Currently, all we are doing is manually copying over the functions and variables.
My question is, Is there a better way of doing this?

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The ideal solution is breaking up functionality so that two features don’t have to modify the same blueprint in the first place. But that’s not 100% practical. Even when you’re able to separate things that way there will still be some contention for those files.

Until there’s a really good solution for Blueprint merges, the best solution people have is file locks. Most big game studios use Perforce. Some smaller ones do too, there’s a <5 member free license. It’s centralized source control so you can set it up so that certain file types (like uasset) can only be checked out by one person at a time. While this doesn’t get rid of the actual file contention it does prevent the merges since if PersonA has the BP checked out PersonB just has to wait to make their changes (hopefully they have something else to do). And when PersonA is done, PersonB has to sync their changes before editing it.
I haven’t used SVN in quite a while but a quick search seems to indicate that it also has a simple mechanism for file locking since it’s also a centralized source control system.

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Try Multi-User Editing plugin. It comes with Unreal.
I use everyday with my partner so we can work in the same project at the same time.
Its a bit buggy and you have to create a new fresh session almost everyday but it works.
Its mostly made for local networks but we are using in with VPN (hamachi) without problems.
If you want we can try to help you in the setup proccess…is not too hard.

Good luck!