Using Blueprint System as work flow engine

Hi everyone,

I love how Blueprints look and know that Unreal Engine is open source now. I would like to integrate only the Blueprint visual Scripting System into my own visual Scripting System. As it is open source, i could use it in another program ?

If yes, is there any documentation on how to implement such System ?

I am thinking of doing this in c# and make it a Windows form control.

Hmmm, hold on there for a moment!

Access to the source doesnt mean you can use it any way you want!

I’m no license expert, but the Unreal Editor is not allowed to distributed as far as I know.

And if you want to use a visual scripting language in .Net/C# I dont think UE Blueprints is the best choice.

Exactly my point of asking this.

Blueprint Editor as stand-alone program would be amazing thing to have. I am using Microsoft Workflow and its ****. Bp Editor is amazing compared to what I have in .net

Any ue developer to answer this ?

Licensing issues beside:

Even if you could extract all the Blueprint elements out of the UE source code (and I think its not possible), you will still not be able to use it the way you want to. UE is all C++, you want it in C#. And that doesnt match.

I dont think language matters as the bp Editor runs on a graphics Layer dx or OpenGL.

Why not just study how it works, then emulate it? Epic seem to be okay with this, provided you aren’t literally copying the code.

Since UE is open source, I suggest that you read the codes, understand it then implement it on your C# program. If you have any questions, you can always ask the forum for help. Good luck doing it on your project :slight_smile:

UE is not open source, they give you source code. There is really big difference. You should read EULA, answers are there.


I just wanted to add that I really like your idea of using a similar system to Blueprints for more traditional programming tasks, so please definitely keep us updated about your progress.

I actually used Unreal to create a 2D database/office software and it worked really well :smiley: I know it is like using an aeroplane to go to the corner store, but I just had to give it a go and see if I can achieve the stuff I wanted, and I could, so I think developing ‘traditional 2D’ softwares using visual scripting is really a viable idea.

It’s just a node based editor all it does is represents functionality and adds the proper syntax to a string List. Nodes are like items in an inventory which can contain strings and other data. Just like in Diablo when you add different runes to a weapon it changes it’s damage, effects and etc. So to when you add different inputs to a node you change it’s functionality. Basically ever time you do anything to a node you store that info in a string and then later using regex craft strings and write them to a file. The bezier curves can represent calls or just help you link and add information.

To create a new function from a node it could go something like this in c#.

Info contained in the node.
NodeName = “Test”;
InputType = string;
InputValue = “Hello World”;
Output = “void”;

To write to a file you would first add all the c# **** into a string (i.e. using system; ), inject the node and then close it out.

List<string> NodeList = new List<string>();
NodeList.Add(String.Format("{0} {1} ()", Output, NodeName);
NodeList.Add("{ string value = " + InputValue + “; print(value);}”);

Write it to a file using stream writers writeline() function which would write this.

void Test ()
{string value = “Hello World”; print(value);}

There’s plenty of MIT licensed editors on github. This site is really helpful for regex if you go the string route.