Using BluePrint In A Standalone Application

This may be a question I regret asking later, but can the blueprint node interface be used in a standalone application? I was wondering if it would be possible to piggyback on the blueprint code to help add another node-based tool to our pipeline. There are several node-based interface lib’s out there, but none that are nearly as slick as blueprints interface is.

1/ Is it even possible? (Reasonable possible, anything is possible with enough time and code, as they say, i mean is that part of the engine fairly easy to separate from the rest of the editor and use in a completely separate application?)
2/ Is it a good idea, or is there a better way to create a similar looking node-based gui inside a stand-alone application?

hi this is a great idea , i really want a standalone blueprint editor,my pc can’t run the engine, i only want to work with blueprint to learn it