Using blender's rigify with unreal.

Blender’s rigify ( skeleton plugin ) has tones of bones.
having a lot of bones that has no weights can influence performances?

I read some where that it does add more overhead, I had problems just exporting the deform bones only as the hierarchy gets all messed up… end up making another skeleton that had the right hierarchy and was constrained to the rigify deform bones… have to make two animations strips not to difficult… eventually will make my own rig… but for testing purposes using the rigify…

Also I think making deform only skeleton helped with the cloth APEX tool…

Thing I’m finding out now is the arm and legs have four bones instead of only two can’t use the IK functions without either IK bones or removing the extra bones… but I think the extra bones are used for twist…

The animation system would have to update those bones irregardless of if they have any weighting (unless the system can determine that not doing so would not break something), But that should be negligible.


Also, IIRC you can delete bones from Blender the ones you dont need for animation…

I have a perfect solution.
I uncheck the DEF bones deform checkbox and check it for the ORG-Bones and reskin the mesh.
The ORG-Bones are not depended on the other bones and are also more simple ( example: one bone for the forearm instead of two ) So it is better for games.
When exporting to FBX checking the “Only deform bones” check box it will export only the ORG-Bones.

Credit for the great idea to Dantus:

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there’s plenty options for characters with blender, the only draw back is the bone alignment which doesn’t match with the UE4 rigs

you can also use the mixamo/adobe Fuse (free) and grab a load of anims from their site (free) this still requires work to get them working right in the engine but free is free

make your own rigs, rigify is terrible idk who invented that but its hell to animate with, its so easy with your own simple rigs

Sorry sir, but NO!
IK/FK weight…
But it is not good for games, but very very nice for animations.

Yeah I think I did that but something was off like the bone hierarchy… but maybe I didn’t I don’t see it in my notes so will I try it out tonight…


Well I tried and it as I remembered the hierarchy was messed up plus the skeleton file still had MCH bones… so I must be doing something wrong if you are getting a different result.

When I start making models I will make my own rig…