Using blackboards outside AI

According to this. I should be able to use blackbaords anywhere I want and using blackboards in blueprints should be enabled. However, when I go to use it in blueprints, it simply gives off an error due to the fact that it requires an AIController input.

The reason I would like to use Blackboards is so that I can set-up custom movement for the character based on player click location (ie, grabs world location of cursor click and moves to that location and avoids obstacles). According to what I have read, the best way to go about this is to use blackboards but this only references AI which I don’t think is suitable for my purposes.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

you want a character to move to a destination, while avoiding obstacles, but you don’t think AI is suitable for that purpose? why don’t you want to use an AI controller?

I am relatively new to UE4 and everything I have done has been based around player controllers. Are there any major drawbacks? The character is the only one the player will control.

In general nothing should be stopping you from using Blackboards without AI, but it haven’t been tested really. I’d love to hear more on what kind of errors you encounter. One thing I’ve noticed while skimming through the code was that you’re unable to add a BB component to BP actors in 4.7. This has already been addressed in 4.8.

Regarding the root cause of your question: have you looked at top-down template? It has a pathfinding player controller (basically using SimpleMoveToLocation and SimpleMoveToActor).

Let me know if you have any further questions.