Using Azure Devops source control?

Hi! I use visual studio 2019 and setup an Azure DevOps account through it, but I don’t have the slightest clue how to use it. And I’m really struggling to find any info on how to get started using it through VS.
Primarily I want to just be able to code on the go from my laptop and having it sync to my desktop, that’s all.

So now that I’ve installed and enabled it, what do I do? How to I upload my solution? How do I download it? I tried to do a sync, but the default “master” branch just ends up empty.
Do I set my existing source code folder as the repository folder? I am worried I’ll accidentally overwrite it with an empty project.

It works just like any source control provider does.

  • Decide what type of source control you want. Azure Devops supports both TFS and Git.
  • Decide on the client you want to use. Visual Studio has built in clients for both Git and TFS, but the one for Git is very basic.
    Let’s say you picked Git. My favourite graphical clients are SmartGit and Sourcetree.
  • Take a backup of your source code folder so that you don’t accidently lose it.
  • Create the repository in your Azure Devops project. In the case of Git, you note the clone URL.
  • Now you either clone into a empty directory (git clone), and copy your source code there and then “git push”. Or you add a new remote and push your existing source code there. I use the latter but started off with the former. If you clone into your source code folder, be careful so you have a backup. Some GUI tools wipe the folder when cloning.

Ok, so it’s not a standalone system.
So I tried downloading just plain git from the link VS provides (I actually don’t mind using commands due to RPi experience, but I just don’t have experience in these tools or how the backend actually works), but during the installation it needs me to set up the default editor to use with it.
However, VS isn’t one of the options, the closest is VS code. I tried linking to VS manually, but it just freezes. Googling how to get these to work isn’t easy because of VS code hogging all the results.