Using AVFoundation framework in Unreal


I am trying to use the AVFoundation framework in Unreal to enable QR Code Scanning on the IOS platform. However, I am struggling on many fronts.

First how does one include the framework(s) into the project?

I tried using:

    new string[] { 
        Path.Combine("$(EngineDir)", "Source/Runtime/Core/Public/Apple"), 
        Path.Combine("$(EngineDir)", "Source/Runtime/Core/Public/IOS")

I have concluded that I will have to use Objective c to use the framework and then call those functions through c++. I was able to get a simple objective c xcode app running on an iphone and am now trying to move that objective c code to unreal with little success.

I’ve been all over the place with this project and at the point where I’m not even sure if anything I’ve been doing is correct. If you have any experience with this issue please let me know. I appreciate the help.

Thank you