*Using assets from other projects*

Hey Unreal Community :slight_smile:
I just got this engine, I am new to it, been learning things, I don’t quite understand blueprint yet tho apart from variables etc.
So the example games got really neat BP:s, assets, and whatnot, that I would like to use in my own different project.

Is there a way of copying these assets from the example to my project? Or do I really need to take plenty of screenshots and
copy them?
Thank you in advance!

Hey mate, check out my tutorial here:

Thank you a ton mate! This helped me so much! :slight_smile:

EDIT: looks like you have a bunch of helpful tutorials, time to do some watching :wink:

No problem, glad it helped. If you finish my tutorials and want to learn more about the engine, i provide one to one lessons. You can email me at :slight_smile:

Thanks for telling :slight_smile: Also If I could ask, how do you exactly migrate the gun, and the shooting blueprint from the FPS example to your own project? I don’t seem to find anything :frowning:

The easiest way is to just select the weapon blueprint (I think it’s called my char) and then do the migrating process -> now it should migrate everything that is connected with the blueprint

Great, thanks!

Oh, I tried this, didn’t work.

  1. The name wasn’t my char, it was Player Pawn or something like that
  2. I could migrate it, but it couldn’t work in my project.

Is there any tutorials on this? Or can you lighten me more with a little more details?
Oor anyone else? How do I migrate the gun and the gun blueprint from the FPS template to my own project?