Using Arrow Keys To Move BP Nodes Not Undo-able


Moving connected nodes simultaneously in the Blueprint Graph Editor while keeping current, relative alignment can only be performed using arrow keys. (this is not the bug I am reporting, please keep reading)

If one must use the context menu to straighten a connection between two nodes, this is because the end points cannot be horizontally aligned due to BP Graph Editor node snapping, and thus, using the context menu on a pin to straighten the connection is the only option.

However, the issue with using arrow keys to move BP node(s) is the action is not recorded onto the transaction stack and is therefore unavailable to undo. This is easily evident by clearing the undo history (clear any false positives), select one or more nodes, and move them using any combination of arrow keys. Check the transaction history, and you should see an empty transaction history.

This is a bug. If the user intends to undo an action, they should be able to count on Unreal Editor to correctly add to the transaction stack any available action to the user.

The reason I sound a bit agitated, is because someone posted this issue a few years ago and it was disgustingly marked as “Not Going To Fix”, as if somehow this isn’t an issue or a bug.

When a user is forced to use the mouse to move items, and the connection becomes slightly uneven again, the user must then re-straighten the lines using the context menu. Trying to keep Blueprint graphs tidy and readable is time consuming, but adding this layer of extra burden is a headache as the user must then remember exactly all the objects selected, and where the position was prior to the lost transaction.

Here is the actual post a few years ago by another user which was marked not going to fix.

Can someone please look into this? For those of us who like using arrow keys, this is painful when having to realign connections after moving with the mouse because arrow movements cannot be undone.

Thank you,


Is it not possible for you to select your entire region of nodes and move it that way?

I understand this doesn’t work if you need to not move one node that would then require re-straightening the pins.

Hello HarryHiDef,

The issue isn’t moving the nodes with arrow keys; the movement works as needed. The transaction of using arrow keys to move blueprint nodes does not take place and therefore is unavailable in the transaction stack for an UNDO operation. Does this make sense? This is highlighted in the third paragraph.


I don’t see my comment listed, despite it shows that I made a comment to your post HarryHighDef: This is what I intended to publish in final:

Hi HarryHighDef,

I’m not sure if your question relates to misunderstanding of the bug I presented, or, if you’re suggesting a workaround to the lack of undo availability.

If it’s the former I would be happy to repost and provide supporting images.

If it’s the latter, isn’t that what Undo is for? (continuing)…

Here Is The Bigger Issue: Blueprint Graph Undo Is Not Reliable:
If you do work in a Blueprint Graph that places transactions onto the transaction stack, then the action(s) you perform after is moving node(s) using arrow keys, then hit CTL-Z (or use undo in the menu), the first thing undone is the transaction just before you moved node(s) using the arrow keys. Is this not a bug? If I was a software engineer, or even in my prior role as a database/software developer, I would never expect users to remember prior transactions because undo’s transaction stack is not accurate. I’m sure you would not expect this of your users either, right? One may make many moves using arrows and has no way of remembering the starting/intermediate placements.

Even Bigger Issue: Undo Is Not Consistent Across Different Sub System Editors:
When moving Actors in the Level Editor by way of arrow keys, why are they treated as transactions, and thus, reversible using UNDO, but moving Blueprint Graph nodes by way of arrow keys are not treated as transactions and thus not reversible. Why?

Further Problems:
I could not find in the documentation, or anywhere in Epic’s recorded log of bugs/issues, with exception of what I already posted, that moving BP nodes by way of arrow keys is not recorded as a transaction and thus, not able to be undone (as a word of caution).

How do you feel about this? Did I make a good enough argument to get this reported and fixed?