Using Arcore Cloudanchors - placing objects in real world


I am working on an Android app based on Unreal, that allows people to view medieval attributes in the real world.
As in this video Introducing Earth Cloud Anchors from ARCore - YouTube
In my search for using Arcore and especially Cloudanchors for placing objects on specific locations, I always stumble upon Unity examples/courses/video’s.
As I am a great fan of Unreal, would like to find Blueprints/examples how to use ARcore to guide poeple into the real world to a specific place where a 3D object are placed.

Can anyone help me with this topic.

I already succesfully implemented the augmented reality Quick start example

And placed my own actor.
But would like to extend this application with guidance and the specific location.

Many thanks

I am interested in learning more about the AR Core Cloudanchors too,
I didn’t find any reference or resource for AR Core Cloudanchors either.
Let me know if you find anything interested, I will do the same too.